Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank Heavens for my Little Cottage in the Woods...

All I can say about this day is WOW!!! I love my life, but there are times that I am so crazy busy that to those who know me, I am moving so fast you would think my hair was going to catch on fire at any moment!! :) This is definitely one of those times!!! What is so AWESOME though is that now at the end of the day I have Curiosity Cottage to come home too; I have a blog community to explore; and so it brings a sense of calm in the midst of the storm.

This INCREDIBLE new world that allows me to combine my "right brain" creative side with my "left brain" computer science side all started with my first visit to Notes from a Cottage Industry. You can find this BEAUTIFUL blog in the frame to the right of this post.

A friend of mine said that the blog reminded her so much of me I had to check it out. It opened an entirely new door for me in terms of where I can take my computer science skills. I have learned though as I look at some of these INCREDIBLE blogs, to not let myself get overwhelmed...we all have to start somewhere. Some of these blogs have been in existence for years. It takes time, practice, the support of AMAZING friends & family, with God's gentle guidance along the way!! As the sign in my office reads, "Attitude is EVERYTHING" and as I begin this new journey in my life, I remind myself of all these things DAILY and at some times even minute by minute!!!

The lesson from this though that I am passing along to my students, you can take a degree and a hobby and turn it into all kinds of AMAZING things!!! Never think that you have to get a degree and sit in a cubicle the rest of your life!!!

My project I am posting for the day is also waiting for wild flowers to bloom around the base of the bed. As the sweet potato vines grow, I will wrap them around the cord that is holding my hanging baskets to disguise them...but I wanted you to see this work in progress!!


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