Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wow - God Wink!!!

I am sooooo looking forward to being able to spend time writing...just a few more days until the semester is over and then let the fun begin!!! :D Yesterday I found this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL book called "Keeping Chickens." The God Wink...Ashley English, the author, also has a blog. Story after story in the magazines I read lately are of women who turn blogs into incredible business ventures. Add to that the friendships they make and the way they exchange ideas and send each other surprises and is like there are a whole lot of "Jen Clones" out there!!! It is so very uplifting and encouraging!!!

The world of blogging buddies that await me have put a new spring in my step and totally enlightened my heart. Hey, we gals are social creatures by design, so give me some good friends and covnersation with a new project thrown in the mix and I am set for life!!

Off to the ball park!!


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