Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I believe in miracles!!!!

It is Wednesday, my favorite day of the week!!! This is because I am so blessed to have an incredible church with AWESOME friends!! On Sunday though I had a discussion with my kids about tithing. One suggested that I try to just do a certain percent if 10% made things too tight, but I said that no, I am to be faithful and obedient, trusting God to take care of our needs. Now you must understand that doing this would mean I did not have money for groceries until payday, but I was so excited about being obedient that I did not let this stop me. SSSSSSooooo this morning when I get up I just had this small voice say "check your mail"....which I sooooo hate to do, so ignored that voice. Well then this afternoon my CPA calls and tells me there is a check coming to "check my mail." ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT...I'll check the mail...and when I do, I had a check from the state for money they owed me last year!!!! :-)

Oh yeah, and that little voice...I knew it was God all along, but sometimes we don't slow down long enough to hear Him. I am sooooo glad that I listened!!!


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