Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why didn't I think of that??? :-)

Hi everyone!! :-)

It has been so long since I have written and I must say that I have sooooo missed this part of my day!! As I have worked on different projects and new adventures in my life my dear friend Tara says to me last night "these are the things you should be writing about in your blog...the journey that Curiosity Cottage is taking." In my quest to wait until all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place to get back to writing again, what she pointed out is that people like to see how you put the puzzle together, they want to share in the whole process with the writer. :-)

Aren't we as women so like that though, we want to move mountains by ourselves, never considering that our friends may have really great tools and would love to help us!! :-) I still am just so amazed at the community that blogs enable people to develop, it is just wonderful!! In a culture that has become so materialistic, with everyone wanting to climb the corporate ladder, the blog community soooo goes back to how life was many years ago when people helped out their neighbors and took the time to sit and visit for a while. I have always felt that my spirit was that of someone from the 1940s time period and that is why I love the world of blogging because the friendships that people are developing from this new form of technology does so mirror that period of time.

So I'm back, because in my quest to de-stress and simplify my life what I have discovered is that blogging is one of the best forms of stress relief that I have!!


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