Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Curiosity Cottage is not just a place where I sew and create things to sell & give as gifts, it is also a place where I am creating my vision down to the last detail. This includes the outside of my humble little house as well. My 2 1/2 acres, which is mostly wooded also has a little sandy creek. My vision and what I am working so hard for, is to have my yard landscaped with cottage gardens. I am going to rely a lot on the natural plants on my land, but there is still a lot of work to do!! There is nothing quite like the feeling though of going to bed so tired you can barely move and yet knowing you got sooooo many things accomplished!!!

Curiosity Cottage has so blessed my life and my kids' lives!!! We could not be happier!! My son has been so excited about helping me with my projects, I could not help but show him at work today! :D


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