Friday, August 13, 2010

Two is better than one...

Hi everyone!

Well tonight I am posting both an indoor project and an outdoor project. Since I last posted indoor chairs, here is one of my vintage outdoor chairs that I have redone!

And when I haven't been working on outside projects, I've been working on indoor projects! :D This apron is for the Herb Society. Since my new machine can also make lace and INCREDIBLE designs, I've included a lace heart on this apron. It just seemed to fit with the design of the fabric. I also lined this apron, so I just LOVE the feel of the finished product!! This is one project that I would LOVE to keep!! :D

Tomorrow I'll reveal my new "Mommy & Me" gift set!! It is soooooo cute!!! That is what is just so amazing about this new path that I am on; each day is just an INCREDIBLE new adventure!!

Enjoy your Friday evening!!


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