Monday, January 10, 2011

Not everything is either black or white!!

Hi everyone!

When I was asked to make a special order of throw pillows, I was only given the instructions to use Fleur de Lis and black & white. Incorporating some red just seemed to be a natural thing to do!! Using different textures and materials, I not only had fun, but it once again so illustrates how creating things, whether on canvas or using fabric requires the same type of creative process. This project really put my "fabric artist" skills to the test and yet I cannot wait to try something new. With so many holidays just around the corner, you will just have to wait and see what is next on my agenda!!

Enjoy this truly wintry week!!



  1. Hello! This was an order from my dad for my husband and I. I'm very excited to send him photos in Afghanistan of what he can see when he returns home. Thank you so much!

    -Ashleigh Picotte

  2. Ashleigh, I'm so glad you got to send them to him!! I know how important & special pictures from home are during deployments!! Hope you are doing well!!

    Most Sincerely,



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