Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy & Exciting Times

Hi everyone!

 TGIF!!!  It will be a very busy day for me though.  This morning I teach and then at noon I have a meeting with a client.  This is a special order for a custom ring bearer pillow.  The bride-to-be had her picture and that is all it took, I am just as excited as she is about this project!!  

Once the morning is complete, I am then home to get ready for the Second Saturday Market at the Alexandria Museum.  I am one of those crazy people that does her best work when pressed for time.  I want to stitch out new designs and I take samples of my work and then people can make special orders with me.  This has worked well for me and I really think it is a smart way to grow my little business in these tight economic times.

 I'm creating 3 new pages for this site.  One will display a list of potential gift items for Mardi Gras Crews; one will be Bridal Gift Ideas & Registry; and one will be a Baby Gift Ideas & Registry.  All of these FABULOUS ideas were given to me by my INCREDIBLE clients!!  Since I often make special gifts for these three different groups, it just seems like a natural way to go for Curiosity Cottage.  I cannot wait to show you!!   

Have a WONDERFUL Friday!!  There will be plenty of picture from tomorrow's Second Saturday at the Alexandria Museum posted tomorrow!!

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