Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi Everyone!!

Some people dread Mondays, but for me they are the beginning of new and exciting things. For example, this is a new camera that I am now using to take my pictures. It may be Monday, but as everyone knows, when working in online media a camera can make a HUGE difference!! So for me, this Monday represents a new and exciting time for many photographic adventures await me!!

Have a GREAT week & stay warm!!


  1. Hahahaha!! A camera can ALWAYS make me happy! Any day that gives me a chance to use one of my babies is an AWESOME day! Wayne laughs at me because I told him I wish I had a camera attached my hand - permanently. : )

    Congrats on the new camera....LOVE the look of your Cottage!

  2. Thanks soooo much Jenn!! Tell Wyne to just wait, I'm going to have you blogging in no time!! :D



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