Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am so blessed!!

Hi everyone!!

While some people have had snow this weekend, we simply received freezing rain, which as it hit the ground, power lines, and trees turned into ice. I was one of the fortunate ones and did not lose power, but a lot of my friends were not so lucky!! However, since my power was flickering a bit, I did not try to embroider, but was able to get some designs ready for several of my clients. It also gave me time to play with my blog design and work on my Etsy site. I will let you know as soon as I post things to sell in my new “Shop”!!

As I visit other blogs I am filled with inspirations and ideas that wake me up at 5 am on a Sunday morning!! It is funny how building my little business is not work to me, but as I have labeled my Facebook photo album, “It’s what I was Born to Do!!” It has also allowed my kids to watch God at work as He showers me with God Winks to light my path. Several months back, my kids helped me finish packing an order that we wanted to ship out by 5 pm. As we headed to the shop, 20 minutes away with only 15 minutes until “pick up” by UPS, my kids said “mom, let’s pray!!” So we did ~ don’t worry, I did keep my eyes open while I was driving!! When we get to the store the salesman says he “doesn’t know where the UPS guy is…he is never late.” So I said “oh, I do, my kids and I prayed we would make it here to ship out this order.” When we were getting in our car, you guessed it, the UPS truck drove up….to which my kids voiced “MOM, that is SSSOOOO cool!!!” That is just one of many of our stories!

I am using this week to get ready for the Saturday Market at the Alexandria Museum!! I cannot wait to join the ranks of these talented vendors!!

Sunday is my FAVORITE day of the week!! To me it means getting to start a whole new week of blessings!! Take care and have a GREAT week!!

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