Sunday, February 20, 2011

Real Men Know How To Pray From The Heart

Hi Everyone!!

What an AMAZING weekend!! Sometimes it is easy when we are busy and tired to step back from things, but this is one time and I am so glad I didn’t. I am very, very fortunate to be surrounded by incredible Christian friends. These men and women do not belong to a religion; they have a relationship with our Lord. My friends, there is a DRASTIC difference!!

Before I get to the events of the weekend though, let me first share something that happened earlier in the week. Last week on Facebook, someone had a post and part of it read, in so many words, that we should only take advice on relationships from those that had successful relationships. For me, my role models for this are Herb & Viki Dickerson and Christy & Wade Warren. Not only do these two couples have relationships that we all could hope to have, but I also pray that for those of us that are single and our children that we one day find what these two amazing couples share. Another thing that these two couples have in common is integrity, which is unfortunately not very common any more. So having friends and role models like these very special people is very, very important for those of us that have had to go through divorce. They help us see where we need to make changes and they also help us recognize “red flags” that we might sometimes not want to see.

So on Saturday morning, a group from our Sunday school class all got together. See, on January 2nd of this year, when we arrived at our Sunday school class, Bro. Herb told us that he wanted us to identify a miracle that each of us needed to take place in our lives, but that ONLY God could make happen. We didn’t share these but wrote something to represent our request on a class board. This week’s Saturday morning breakfast was a time for us to pray and share the details we wanted to give our class about our miracle prayer. As I have gotten to know these people and as I sat in this group what came to me was “now this is what it is like when REAL men pray!!” With the exception of two couples in our group, everyone else has been divorced. Some of us are single and some are remarried; but all of us believe in the power of prayer and love sharing. What has been on my heart for years and that I have shared with friends and my kids though, was something that I knew I need to write about.

As I watched these men pray, it just reaffirmed what I have felt for such a long time. It does not matter if a man is rich or poor; what kind of job he has; or what kind of house he lives in…the MOST important thing to me is does he love Jesus. Now I’m not talking about the man that warms a church pew on Sunday just to check that off his list for the week; I am talking about the type of man that has faith even in the darkest of times and who prayers fervently. I am talking about the man who loves Jesus more than he love me. So many women, young and old, just settle but if God can so beautifully design all of the incredible things on this earth, He can design the perfect man for each and every one of us.

And now, thanks to these AMAZING friends and couples, I know exactly what God’s picture of the PERFECT man looks like for me!!

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