Friday, May 13, 2011

Exciting Times Ahead

Hi everyone!

I am so thrilled to report that many new and exciting changes are in the works for Curiosity Cottage this summer!! While educators usually look forward to summer as a time for a much needed break, I am looking forward to it as 3 months devoted to my business. Not only am I in the process of creating new items to share in terms of embroidery and sewing, but I am also in the process of studying the whole realm of possibilities that blogging brings, to individuals, businesses, and other organizations. The results of my research and work on my own set of blogs will then be used to develop a new course that I will have the privilege of teaching.

Those who know me personally know that I love to teach and create things. I am so privileged in that I have been able to take my creative side and blended it perfectly with my technical expertise resulting in Curiosity Cottage becoming more than I would have ever dreamed possible this time last year. What is even more exciting though is that now I can use my love of research and use the knowledge I gain to not only enhance my business but to share what I learn with others. Helping young adults find their way in this sometimes crazy world is so rewarding!! I always tell my students that gone are the days where you get a degree and sit in a cubicle. Now the sky is literally the limit in terms of taking what you love, combining it with the skills you acquire in college and seeing where the path leads. The best part of that lecture, I am not just presenting this to my students so they can be tested on the material later, I am living this through my own personal life!!

So this summer will be filled with exciting new things I cannot wait to show you as well as new ideas and organization to Curiosity Cottage’s online presence. After all, summer is for having fun and I am having the time of my life!!

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