Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can see my lighthouse!!

Hi everyone!

Tonight I am thrilled because I finally can see the light!!! :D The past several months have been very tough for me because I have been so use to doing everything myself my entire adult life. I injured my right arm, so household chores that would have normally been everyday tasks were all of a sudden off limits, either by doctor’s orders or because it was just too painful. What I have learned from this ordeal is that it is okay to ask for help. I have finally reached the point, as a result of my injury, where I have asked friends for help. This was a HUGE step for me, but WOW has it made a difference in my stress level!!

I now have someone to mow my yard, so my kids could actually help me tend to plants tonight without having to worry about mowing too. My little cottage is on 2 ½ acres so there is always plenty to do outside, but having someone to at least do the basic yard work for me is just WONDERFUL!!!

My goal for the summer was to get a vast array of things in order in my life, which step by step I am doing. So to some tonight’s photo might just be a painting of a lighthouse, but to me it is a beacon of encouragement and hope for exciting things to come in my life!! My injury may have slowed me a bit, but it has not stopped me; if anything it has given me time to reflect, refocus, and revive my dreams and aspirations. With each passing day of my Daniel Fast and this recovery road that I am on, I am able to lay the foundation so that my dreams can all one day become reality! :D

Until tomorrow, good night!

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