Sunday, July 3, 2011

I think "Ordinary Angels" are really "Extraordinary Angels"!!

Hi everyone,

With the 4th just hours away, it finally hit me today that of all the holidays this one so very special to me!!  Not only is it our nations birthday, but to me it so symbolizes all of the men and women in our country, who due to circumstances beyond their control, are not free.  So I wanted to write today to offer a bit of hope for those that feel like all hope is lost.  Maybe this is not you, but maybe you know someone in that type of position.  If so, you might just be an angel in their life, after all there is no such thing as chance. 

I do not believe in chance, but rather God Winks.  SQuire Rushnell has put together four AMAZING books that tell of God Winks that have happened to people from all walks of life in various and assorted circumstances.  These are all things that so reiterate the fact that nothing can be left to chance. 

On my way to church this morning, when I turned on my CD player Craig Morgan's song Ordinary Angels began to play.  I could not help but smile, after all, is there really such thing as an "ordinary" angel!!  It is the "ordinary" angels though that have so blessed my life and showered me with God Winks.  They have afforded me the opportunity to truly appreciate July 4th for what it is, a day to celebrate Independence - given this be for a nation or for an individual!  :D

Happy 4th everybody!!

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