Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Keeping the Faith

Hi everyone,
It has been a very draining day, to say the least!!  Tonight my mom was put in the ICU.  While my brother and I have suspected that she was sick for quite some time, it is still never easy when someone you love is sick.  I am typically your classic emotional eater, but have been determined today to not let my emotions lead me to break my fast.  To say that I am excited that I have accomplished this would be a HUGE understatement!!  :D

Hey, in every cloud always look for the silver lining, right??!! After all, if you think about it, Jesus had to endure the unspeakable while fasting and yet He did not quit!! :D It is from His strength that I draw on my own right now.  So for once I am a bit short on words and longing to continue reading “The Grace to Race.”  I am also incredibly emotional when I am tired and so I know I need to get some much needed rest.
We will visit again tomorrow!! 

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