Monday, July 4, 2011

The Return of My Independance

Hi everyone,
I cannot even begin to express the joy that I am feeling today!!!  Last night I put on my new running shoes and was off for my first day of training!!!  I did better than I ever expected!!!  Then when I got home I started reading the book "The Grace to Race" that I bought yesterday.  I must tell you, if you have never heard or read about Sister Madonna Buder, you should really take a minute to read her story.  Her book is just AMAZING!!!  It fit in so perfectly with the whole fasting and physical fitness journey that I am on.  I cannot wait to tell my training buddies about the book tonight. :D

If reading this incredible book and accomplishing day 1 of my fitness goal was not enough for celebration, today for the first time since I fell on March 19th I was able to work in my yard, using both arms!!!  :D  For me, this Independance Day truely means I am gaining my independance once again!!!  As I worked on cleaning up my German Bathtub planter I came across the following lawn ornament.

What a beautiful sight, because after all, this is what my purpose behind doing the Daniel Fast has all been about.  Yes, a God Wink to so clearly affirm that I am on the right path!!

What a WONDERFUL day!!

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