Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"T" is for "Team" and "Tioga"

Hi everyone!!
For those of you who do not live close to me, my boys play ball in a community known as Tioga.  In just two more days our little team of 10 year old boys will play more All Star games. 

Yes, it is hot, but they are learning so much and it is such a GREAT opportunity for them.  This time of their lives will cultivate lessons and friendships that they will have forever.

These boys have all been playing ball together for so long that it has become a really close group.  With all of the events in my life these days, some would wonder why or how I go to practices and games.  The thing is, these times only happen once and it does not matter what is going on in my life, my kids are my top priority. 

Watching them thrills me to no end.  Visiting with the friends I have made at the ball park and embroidering different things for the moms is what I love to do!!  Taking time for what I love in turn gives me the strength to handle the tough things!! 

Play ball boys!!

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