Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wonder Woman had a Cape - Jen has Running Shoes

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a day!!  It has been very busy, but very productive.  The most exciting event of the day, I purchased new running shoes for my son and myself.  Now some of you may be asking “what’s the big deal???”  For me though, FINALLY on the road to recovery, it is just one more step toward the many mountains I wanted to climb this year.  I have always been a “glass is half full” kind of girl, but I have to tell you, being injured really put my outlook on life to the test.  Being injured for me has been like Wonder Woman losing her cape!!  :D

My whole reason for doing the Daniel Fast has been to seek guidance in terms of where the Lord wants me to go with my business and myself personally.   The beautiful thing about this adventure is that with each passing day I can see ever more clearly where I have been and where I am supposed to go!!  As my 21 days pass, the whole process is like looking through my outdoor window that does not have any walls, so you can see things from both sides with ease.  :D

It just so happens though that this whole fasting process also has me cooking and eating healthier than I ever have in my life, which I LOVE!!  So any time people make healthy changes in their lives they do have to change their eating habits, but it also helps to plan goals as well.  Since I am also one that LOVES a challenge and the more difficult the challenge the better, my goal is so in line with this way of thinking!! 

Four years ago I participated in and complete 3 triathlons.  That was THE most INCREDIBLE summer of my life.  However, the past several summers have left me either moving or with some sort of injury.  My friend Kathy knows how much I want to do them again and Mike, a dear trainer friend, has been encouraging me as well.  So though I cannot participate in a triathlon until my arm is healed next spring, I can run!!  :D  What is even more perfect is that there is a run on my birthday, November 20th!!!  I cannot think of a better present to give myself!!  So last night I downloaded a training schedule to run/jog/walk and complete a half marathon.  While this is a 12 week training schedule, I did not want to wait, but wanted to start the training process now.  My precious Sam wants to do this with me too, so mother and son will train together from now until November!!

Oh, and you did read it right, I did say half marathon!!  :D  As my friends know, if I am going to take on a goal, I always go for big ones!!  Of course I can be a mom, do computer consulting, embroider, teach and train.  After all, Wonder Woman is on the road to getting her cape back!!

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