Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back Roads, Bayous & Miracles

Hi everyone,

Well today was just one of those days, when a girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do!!  :D  Earlier this week I had a meeting at a home down on a Louisiana bayou.  

It had been many years since I had driven along this highway and I just love seeing the scenery.  On my way down there I came across this sign. 

I did not take the time then to stop and take a picture, which I regretted the minute I drove back into town.  Within minutes of me talking to one of my friends and telling her about the sign, she said “oh, how I needed to hear that today!!”  Then last night on Facebook, a childhood friend sent out a prayer request for a friend of hers, whose little boy is going to Saint Jude’s Sunday, for fear that he has cancer.  I knew at that moment that people needed to see these words of encouragement & that this precious lady and her son needed to see this sign more than ever!!  So this morning my boys & I set out on a road trip to take a picture of the sign.  I was able to show them parts of Louisiana that they had never seen before.  I was even able to show them where some of our cousins live, whom they have never met before.  So my quest for the picture of the sign turned into a learning experience for the boys.  For example, all sweeteners do not come in blue, pink, or yellow packets…some sweetener comes straight from sugar cane!!  :D

It has been a very rewarding day and I feel so very blessed that God allows me to use something as simple as a picture to give people hope.   The fact that I found this sign on an out of the way highway in Louisiana was one wonderful God Wink!!

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