Monday, August 29, 2011

Until we meet again...

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I have written and tonight I do so with a heavy heart.  Isn’t it funny how when we are going through our own personal tragedies, the world just keeps zooming on by?  It is not that it means to do so intentionally, that is just the circle of life.  On July 5th my mom was sick in the hospital and by August 22nd, this time last week she was gone.  We always talked numerous times a day and during this summer there were times when I questioned if I called her too much. But then I thought “you just never know when you won’t be able to talk to her again.”  I never in a million years ever thought that this would be only a few short weeks later.

My mom was Curiosity Cottage’s biggest fan, always looking for new things that I could make or embroider, passing out business cards where ever she went.  She would be quick to say “pull yourself together” if I was upset about something, but would also defend my brother and I like a female grizzle bear when she felt it was warranted!!  :D

Like a dear friend wrote and told me this week, losing your mom is not like anything else.  We will miss her forever and can only hope that in time we learn to cope with our grief.  So tonight I am doing what she would tell me to, “pulling myself together” so I can help my own babies with their homework and then I will embroider, because I know no matter what she will always be able to see my creations and will be cheering me on from Heaven.
So take the time this evening, if you are blessed enough to still have your mom with you, give her a call from where ever you may be and tell her how much she means to you.  You will be so glad one day that you did.  We were blessed in that we did get to say these things before our mom passed away.  We love you mom!!

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