Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be the Change You want to See

Hi everyone, 

This just seemed to be such fitting words of wisdom today - "Be the Change You want to See!!"  Words I embrace and strive to live by daily!!!

While my journey will take about a year, it is one that I know by taking one step at a time I will be able to accomplish!!  What will the end result be this time next year, well that will be just as exciting for me to see as it will be for me to share with you!!  

One thing I do know though, I will have a ball taking pictures and framing the new me so that I can show by example that it is truly possible to be the change I want to see!!!  Yes, God does Wink on New Beginnings and these days, He is winking at me with both eyes directing my path.

My change is not just physical, it is getting all areas of my life organized and in order so that I can be all that God wants me to be.  Sometimes it is so easy to spend our time taking care of everyone and every thing else, but the reality is that we can accomplish a lot more for our family and our society if we take care of ourselves first.  

It may have taken me 46 years to learn this lesson, but the way I look at this, it is better to figure this out later in life than to never figure it out at all!! 

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