Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cupcakes and Kisses

Hi everyone!

It is only 8:30 on a rainy Tuesday morning in Louisiana and I have already completed a day's worth of work.  :D  But is that not what we, as moms, are supposed to do??!!  Today is a special day at my humble abode, for my youngest turns 11.

As I think back to that day I cannot help but smile.  You see, it is common knowledge in Military circles that the mission ALWAYS comes first and on that bitter cold night, on the eve of my precious son's birth, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas this was no exception. A PowerPoint presentation was to be given to a General on this day and though I spent several days in bed trying to allow for this presentation to be completed and presented, Michael Todd had other plans.  He was ready to meet his momma.

Usually the birth of children are always different and this was no exception.  His brother was almost born on the autobahn in Germany, but that is a while different post. :D  Michael, he would take a more casual approach at entering this world.

So though my water had broken and a baby sitter needed to be summoned, labor was not tough at this point so I did what any Military wife at the time would do, I finished the PowerPoint presentation or course. :D  With this task complete, I was taken to the hospital first and then the presentation was delivered to the General.  After all, with this being baby number 3, I knew I had plenty of time.

This beautiful baby boy entered my life at a time when most of my friends were well past the age of having finished their families.  He brought with him so many different gifts that his brother and sister did not have.  But I do not know if one can consider colic a gift??!!  :D

The lungs he developed during the endless nights of colic tears have now led to a fascination with becoming famous and "how does someone get on American Idol." A child who loves to sing with his mom, though at times will turn to me and say "mom, let me lead this time."

There are times that he could make a preacher cuss, but then there are times when he is gone to his dad's that he will send me a text that says "mom I love you can can't wait to see you tomorrow!"  It is then that I stop and rethink my earlier thoughts of wanting to trade him in. :D Since his sister is 10 years older than him, I do think that this is what makes me want to cherish each as every moment with my little man.  I know how fast they grow up.  Right now I am his hero, though on the first day of school he did tell me that I could not kiss him good bye any more...he is now to big for that.  So now, he just have me give him a kiss a block before school.  :D  Experience has taught me that in the blink of an eye I am going to know absolutely nothing and my words will merely be greeted with a roll of the eyes. 

So with a 10 pm request for cupcakes, this mom was up for the challenge.  As I ran through Wal-Mart at 7 am this morning, like Macgyver trying to escape a burning building with a bottle of water, so that I could buy frosting, I could not help but smile.  One day he will look back and read this post and remember the sprinkled cupcakes!

Happy birthday my precious child.  May you always shoot for the stars!!  I love you more than I love you! Mom

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