Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dancing While You Dust

Hi everyone!

If I had not been awake when I opened my front door at 5 this morning to let my dogs outside, the cold air fueled by blustery winds was like God’s own snooze button. WOW!!! It must have also given me an extra burst of energy. Yes, definitely a Crème Brulee Coffee kind of morning! My “honey do” list for me seems to be never ending, but today I would try something a bit different. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…right???

Snow White is not the only woman that likes to whistle while she works!! Wanting to make sure that I raise my boys properly, I tell them that all women whistle while they work…and if they don’t, then if they will stop and help the women in their lives that they will make them very happy and then they will want to whistle. :D :D Some lovely ladies are sure going to thank me one day!! :D

Now this morning, I decided to turn things up a notch…or rather quite a few notches!! LOL So armed with my FAVORITE coffee in the world I decided to let Maroon5 and Jagger help me move the mountains of laundry before me. I’m sure Jagger uses his moves when he does laundry too!! At least that is my story and I’m sticking to it. :D If you dance and sing while trying to mark things off your “Honey Do” list, things go much, much faster!!

As Sam begins to stir the only comment I get is “mom, you remind me of Elmo.” To which I respond “well I LOVE Elmo, so to me that is a good thing!! Everyone should dance in the morning Sam.” “mom, go wake up Mikey!” I can’t help but smile and know my mom if FREAKED out up in heaven. My mom did not want us to speak until she had finished her coffee, read the paper, and started on a diet coke. Trying to suppress my enthusiasm for life was always tough. My brother and I are always asking ourselves where on earth we came from. It is a mystery that may never be known. I do know I had a great, great aunt who loved to make people laugh and imitate family members. Like me she also bought fabric with her clients in mind. I’m just guessing that her personality skipped a few generations and found its way to me. :D

By the time Sam was ready to go, his move had improved drastically…and he had also decided I sounded like Madea. “Wait Sam, you are comparing me to Elmo and Madea all in the same morning??? AWESOME!!!” One son ready to start his day and another one to get ready for school. Now my little one, he is the son who loves to sing and dance with his momma. As we head out the door, he looks back and says “mom, who is Jagger and what are him moves???” Sweetie, I’ll tell you when we get home!

Memories are made while dancing while you dust!!

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