Friday, January 27, 2012

Duh...BIG Red Truck!!!

Hi everyone!

Well now that the weekend is here I have a chance to sit back and relate to some of the events of my short work week.  Even though I am not a blond, there have been times in my life when I have had blond moments...but then, who hasn't - right???!!!  Thank goodness I can laugh at myself though and learn from my times!!  :D

Since I have written lately about all the positive changes I am making in my life, but also sharing the obstacles that I sometimes encounter, I think a good many of you will relate as I post tonight.

I once heard a blond joke where the blond finds her house is on fire.  She calls the fire department and when the fireman asks how do they get to her house, she replies "Duh...Big Red Truck!!!"
So I couldn't help but laugh this week...I mean don't all of us on the path to health all try to find ways to include more water into our day.  How many times do we just skip the water because we forgot to buy some bottled water at the store???

Then one day it happened to hit me...two of my collegues walk down the hall to the water fountain and fill up their glasses several times a day!!!  Yes, I did laugh out loud to myself!!

But then I could not help but ask the question, "how many other people do this too???"  Do you find you don't drink enough water during the day because you didn't buy some at the store???  Do you have a water fountain where you work or go to school, but just never thought about using it before???  As we start to find ways to make wiser financial decisions during these uncertain economic times, doesn't it make sense to take a glass and fill up water from the water fountain where ever we may be???  Or, if you are at a place with no water fountain, how about finding something to fill up before you leave the house and take your water with you???

So yes, making positive, healthy changes takes a little planning, but I can honestly tell you that the benefits of making the changes and the way that they will make you feel are oohhhh so worth the effort!!

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  1. Good one Jen, It hits home....on a lot of there is nothing in the icebox to we hit fast food...when there maybe a bag of fruit on the cabinet.

    Jan Jeffus



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