Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moved to Tears

Hi Everyone! 

Well this evening you may want to pour a cup of coffee before you start reading…I seem to have a lot more to say.  :D  Imagine that!!  :D  Sunday is by far my FAVORITE day of the week and this day was no exception to that rule!!  I embraced today as if I had a child returning home from war. 

It was a challenging day filled with warm embraces and tears of joy too.  I spent the morning with friends as we absorbed Bro. Mike’s sermon like a sponge.  With one of my Love Languages being Physical Touch, I so welcomed this time of hugs and fellowship with dear friends.  It is also that one time of the week where I can sing my heart out in public; after all, my kids shouldn't be the only ones to get the privilege of hearing me!! 

The afternoon…well this was a tough one.  I spent part of the afternoon comforting my dear friend Mike and his family. 

What made it so tough?  Well this was the first time I have been back to the funeral home since mom passed.    Add to this the fact that Mike and his wife Jan had bought our home in Timberlake, that I loved so dearly, and well you have enough emotions floating around to lift a whole fleet of hot air balloons. 

It is kind of funny how I can be doing just fine, but then some unsuspecting person will say “I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, how are you doing???” And well then the rest is history…the tears start to flow.  Of course since I can cry at things on TV like someone on cue for a Hallmark commercial, my kids have grown use to this reaction from me.  Mikey does turn to me during shows though and will say “now mom, remember, this is just TV.”  Yes, my precious baby boy, I know. :D

Though they have gotten use to their mom’s tender heart over the years.  What I have tried to do this day is not avoid the tidal wave of emotions, but use them to get out things that need to be added to my novel.  So with my notebook and bible in hand this morning I headed out the door.  I thought at first I may have to pull the car over and just miss church so I could write…isn’t it funny how when the words start to flow there is no shut-off valve??!!  So I held on to my thoughts until I could get into Sunday School.  It would also not be a Sunday if I didn’t show up fashionably late… :D :D 

What is just so incredible about this entire writing process though, is that the lessons from Sunday School and the sermon ALWAYS seem to go along with the material that I am working on.  This is so INCREDIBLE to me…and just one more God Wink that so clearly shows I am on the right path.

It is what allows me to speak one simple prayer at the end of this day, “what ever your will for me, just simply show me the way and I will gladly follow.” 

Have a GREAT week!!!

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