Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles

Hi everyone!

Obstacles, almost seems like a 4 letter word right here at the beginning of the year.  I mean the ink from our New Year's resolutions has not even dried on the page yet.  Why in the world would I so much as dare whisper this word???  Try as we might to silence the voice of the obstacles, they always manage to awaken us with their often abrupt vibrato.

So do we treat obstacles as annoying rap songs or do we embrace them like a country ballad on a summer afternoon...or in the case of today, do we welcome them like a great book and a warm fire on a cold day.  It is all in how we handle our obstacle, whatever they may be.  For example, if you are caught in a sudden traffic jam and find that you are going to be late for your destination do you

1) let this cause your blood pressure to approach stroke level or do you or
2) take the time to put on your favorite song and sing like there is no tomorrow??? 

I have always approached these types of obstacles from the point of view that God may be doing this so that I avoid an accident...but it could also be said that He just likes to hear me sing???  :D 

Some obstacles are much tougher to steer around or through.  Sometimes we are faced with helping sick and dying loved ones.  How do we muster the strength to not let ourselves be overtaken by the mental and physical stress that these types of obstacles bring.  Well, having had way too much experience in this area, what has worked well for me consisted of the following:

1) singing again;
2) prayer, prayer, and more prayer;
3) having friends and family pray;
4) knowing that at times I had to take breaks to get the rest I needed to endure; and
5) hold on to the knowledge that God really does have a plan. 

For me, writing down my mom's words and thoughts was both theraputic and also provided a great deal of humor.  Sometimes it just plain helps to laugh through the tears!!

In my opinion, the toughest obstacles of all can be the very people in our lives that are supposed to be our support system.  How do you deal with the friend that bring you brownies when they knowing you are counting each and every point on your Weight Watchers program? Or the family member that makes snide remarks? Or the over bearing parent or sibling that had made it their mission in life to try and pluck your last nerve daily???  For me, the best way to mow through these obstacles like a new Snapper mower is by calling on a friend.  I am very fortunate to have several friends like this and we both know that when the obstacles start popping up like targets at a shooting range, we can call each other up and vent. 

One of my dearest friends in the world, who I am so blessed to be able to call when I cannot hold back the tears will enevitably always saw "baby, who are they and where do you want me to bury the body??"  Of course she is always joking, but this so helps me to stop crying and then of course we always laugh.  This is why we are friends, because we know that though we can do nothing about these human obstacles, we have other humans, who we affectionaly know as our friends, who can help us bury the pain that these obstacles sometimes try to bring in to our lives.  OOOOrrrr you can just choose to put your experiences in a novel and watch them sweat!!  :D

When I lived overseas they always taught us to be aware of our surroundings.  I was never afraid, but I was always aware of my surroundings.  Sometimes we do not have time to do this and must think fast on our feet given the unexpected, but in terms of the annoying human obstacles that are in our lives, well just plan, have good friends on speed dial and pray.

Let 2012 be the year that your overcome the obstacles in your life or at the very least least learn to swerve and miss them whenever possible!!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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