Friday, January 13, 2012

Pick Me Coach

Hi everyone! 

I am not sure where in the world you find yourself today, for I am in Louisiana.  On this cold morning, as I drove Sam to school, God had prepared for me sight that was truly breathtakingly beautiful.  It was the one morning that I left home without my camera, but to quote Sam, “mom, it looks like a painting!”  The pinks and aqua blue sky danced within the clouds, the sun providing a spot light for the audience to see.

It was on this morning drive that He whispered the words for today’s post - “Pick Me Coach.”  My personality is such that I have spent my entire life taking care of and trying to please other people.  If you are not like this, surely you know someone who is.  Yes, it has taken me 46 years for the light bulb to finally go off, but better late than never, right??!!   

Always with good intentions, I use to think that if I just worked harder; made elaborate gifts and surprises; and worked my hardest to be the perfect daughter, wife, mother, or girlfriend that then the “coach” would pick me.  Do not get me wrong, nothing in life gives me more pleasure than giving my family and friends surprises, but now that the light is on, I see this process a bit differently.   

Unfortunately both men and woman can fall into the mind set that if that do this or that for their significant other that they will make that person happy.  Newsflash and splash of cold water on the face, “if they are unhappy, YOU cannot MAKE them happy!!!”  We cannot CHANGE people and if you think you can or they tell you that you are the reason that they are unhappy, then you should then run, RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!  

They way I look at this in terms of my own life, if God can give me three beautiful children and wink at me with all of the sincerity of my grandfather, then He has a plan.  I do not need to jump up and down trying to get the coach to notice or “pick me”.  He too has scouts and I call them angels.  These girls know true talent when they see it and when the time is right, they will let the coach know.  Because I have also learned over the years that His game plan is always WAY better than mine!! 

Trust the Head Coach!!

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