Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taking the Time to Tango

Hi everyone!

My Friday morning started at 4:30 a.m., trying to accomplish as much as possible before 7:00 a.m. when I leave the house.  As I marked each task off my “honey do list,” trying to make each second count, the title for today’s post came to mind - “Taking the Time to Tango.” 
This pictures from Wikipedia captures the essance of the tango so beautifully!!!  Sometimes our lives can be so busy that we do not stop to take the time to dance.  Not just any dance, not the last minute free style fast dance.  The tango is different, it takes practice and soul and a passion not found in other dances.  It does not just use random music you find on the radio or your ipod playlist, even the music needs careful selection.  Some might be tempted to say “who has time to dance??? I’m raising kids right now.”  STOP, stop right there…shouldn’t we teach our kids that there are times in life where they should stop, possibly restructure their lives so that they too can have time to dance???   Shouldn’t we teach them to stop and listen to the music so that they truly hear all of the instruments, not just the drums, piano, and guitars?

We have become a society that moves so fast that we have forgotten to plant roses, let alone to stop and take the time to smell them. 

So take the time this week to find your inner dance; to listen to the music with your heart and soul; and even if you are running through Wal-Mart grabbing school supplies - stop by the flowers and smell a rose or whatever your favorite flower may be….

I promise it will make you smile!!!

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