Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Will Spring Bring???

Hi everyone!

As most of the country asks "what happened to winter," I cannot help but get excited about spring!!!  My fall last march forced me to by pass all of the projects I had planned outside for the spring and summer.  This year, since I have already declared that 2012 WILL be my BEST year EVER, I have projects to catch up on.

So as I look at my grandmother's empty potting bench, in desperate need of love & care, I am excited to think of all the potential this diamond in the rough holds!!

After all, with empty pots to fill and young plants just waiting to bring their beautiful flowers into this world, isn't our outside world just an extension of our world inside our house???
 I know that these beauties are going in my "Moonlight Garden".  I read about these once and having been dying to put one in, sooooo...  I started two years ago by putting in white crape myrtles and this year I will add these white hydrangeas and other white flowering plants.  Since my back yard is set up in such a way that one star lit nights it is like sitting in an amphitheater, the white flowers will glow in the moonlight...hence the name "Moonlight Garden."

This site on moonlight gardens is a WONDERFUL source for finding plants that will allow you to create this same  effect in your own yard!!!  For me, it is a way to bring peace and clam into my sometimes fast paced and crazy life!!

 As I make all of these internal and external changes in my life, I'll keep sharing.  Who knows, if I can plant one seed of hope into someone's life, then my work here is done!!  :D

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