Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Life Gives YOU Lemons

Hi everyone!

Well I am moving slow this morning!!!  Yesterday was such a busy, busy day that I am thrilled today is a day of rest. :D  It was almost midnight before I got into bed and yet my brain was still going; something that us creative types often find happening.  Since I had violated the one rule that most writers live by - I did not have a notebook near by - I did the next best thing and started writing the theme for today’s post in a text message.  I am nothing if not resourceful!!  :D

As I took picture after picture yesterday I decided to take a chance and have a friend take a picture of me.  I gave myself Weight Watchers for my birthday and wanted a “before” picture.  As I went through editing the pictures and came to mine “when life gives you lemons” came to mind.  Though I must admit, I could not help but giggle and say to myself “you mean when life gives you lemons and the juice splashes you in the eye”????? 

But then I had to stop and think about this again “you mean when life gives you lemons and the juice splashes you in the eye” - so what does one do, that “one“ being me in this case?????   I have a choice, let this “obstacle” like I wrote about earlier in the week bring me to a stand still or make the BEST lemonade ever.  

Being a “glass is half full” kind of woman, I am going with the lemonade!!  The BEST lemonade ever requires using basic ingredients, but knowing how to combine them in just the right way.  So I could not help but smile and say to myself “well you have all the ingredients, go make THE best lemonade EVER!!!“ 

It is funny, when I opened the door this morning, unlike earlier in the week when the cold wind was shocking, today when I opened the door the cold air was refreshing…just like lemonade…just like it feels when the cold water of life is used to wash the juice out of my eyes or your eyes!!

So embrace your BEST knowing that if you work hard enough you can have REALLY AWESOME lemonade by this time next year!! 

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