Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Joyous Momma

Hi everyone!

As my blog has chronicled, I wear many hats - mom, sister, Assistant Professor, computer consultant, blog creator, entrepreneur...

What I learned during 2011 though, is that sometimes we do have to slow down…and when we don’t the good Lord always has a way of helping us to do this. :D My loss and trials in 2011 have made me grasp every precious moment that I have with loved ones and also not let anything that warms my soul escape my attention.
 I came across a really neat post on Cottage Industry's blog last week called Random Things No. 41.  It is funny how those of us who find joy in creating things also find joy and beauty in so many simple things.  While my week has been jam-packed with things to do, I could not help but be drawn back to that blog post and her list of "the random items in life" that she is attracted to.  On this gloomy Groundhog Day, where more winter is predicted, but most of us would say that winter has never really arrived, it seemed that this task was just what my heart needed.


So I have put together my own list, but it is not just of things that I am attracted to, but also things that warm my heart and soul. There is no rhyme or reason to my list, as I have gone about my day when something comes to mind I’ve just written them down.

• Vintage Linens
• Galvanized containers of any kind – I LOVE my German bathtubs!!

• Old photos of family members.
• Hydrangeas

• Books, books, and more books!! I read them, decorate with them…they just warm my soul!!
• Sharing God Winks with all who will listen!!

• Scripture verses
• Fabric, fabric, and more fabric!!! I have to be able to see it and touch it though before I can buy any to bring home.

• Any of the antiques I brought back from Germany. These just warm my heart.
• Pictures of angels.

• Saying on photos or items, just WONDERFUL words of wisdom.
• Any magazine published by Stampington – the quality of the paper that these are printed on is just AMAZING and warms my heart!!

• Looking out onto my land. My little wooded corner of the world brings me peace.
• Old keys
• Teddy bears because it does not matter how old we get, a bear can help us withstand the worries of the world.
• Quilts

• “Streams in the Desert” devotion book!!
• My sleeping kids, because aren’t all of our kids angels when they are asleep???!!!

So as this momma bear heads off to move more mountains, let me encourage you to take a brief break in your day and think of the things in your life that make you smile and bring you sunshine on an overcast Groundhog Day!!

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