Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Patience + Perseverance + Prayer

Hi everyone!
The educator in me could not help but think of this word equation this morning.

Patience + Perseverance + Prayer = Phenomenal Progress

On Tuesdays and Thursdays those of use that are participating in Weight Watchers here in town tend to all check in with each other. As I continue on this journey toward optimal health, I find that each week there is more and more that seems to surface for me. For example, to me “Phenomenal Progress” does not just mean a big weight loss number on the scale each week – “Phenomenal Progress” can be something as small as realizing what people or events may trigger the desire to make poor food choices. Even if my number on the scale is minimal or I maintain, but I have made some type of progress in terms of my approach toward this journey, then that is progress!!! Yes, it might not seem Phenomenal to others but for me, it might mean I have moved a HUGE mountain on my quest to level this whole ridge line. :D

Patience + Perseverance are not just the equation for weight loss; this is one math problem that will stay with us forever and fit into ANY of life’s situations. I am not just out to become a “lean, mean, beauty queen”, I also want to be a published author and successful entrepreneur, who has all areas of her life healthy and organized. So for me it is with lots and lots of patience and unwavering perseverance that I find my drive.

Am I perfect? No. Do I get tired? Yes – going from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm can get draining after a while. Do I believe in what I am doing? Yes – and not only do I believe in these things, I have an unquenchable passion for the projects that I have undertaken!!

I also know that the MOST important variable in this entire equation is Prayer!! For it is the Prayer that serves as my GPS keeping me on the right path; Patience and Perseverance are like my flashlight and map to make sure that I don’t lose the way or veer off that path. Without having Prayer in the equation, Phenomenal Progress would never be the end result, because something would always be missing.

So just remember, it does not matter where you may find yourself or what you need to accomplish, if you will trust this educator and commit this equation to heart, you will always end up a winner!!

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