Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Candle in the Rain

Hi everyone!

Wow, I have not had a chance to write since November, not that I did not want to, sometimes the storms of life just seem to hit all at once.  It was just two weeks after my last post that my precious husband ended up in the hospital.  Now recovering from quite a long stay at the "Honeymoon Hospital", which I affectionately called this adventure since we had just gotten married on October 7th, all paths look to be headed back into the creative direction for me.  First up, my new little reversible dresses.  Here is one in progress.
  Add in writing again, which soothes my soul and other creative business ventures and it makes me realize that while life rains down at times, it will not let the candle light from my spirit go out.  So stay tuned, exciting new things to share in the days ahead!!

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