Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Curiosity Cottage's Home Away From Home

Good Morning Everyone!!

While the sun may not be up yet this morning, I am smiling from ear-to-ear and have a song in my heart, as if I was dancing in the midday sun!!  While Curiosity Cottage came into being in 2010, my desire for a shop and business started many, many years ago at about this same time of year in Germany.  A detail I had forgotten, until my dear friend Suzie, reminded me not long ago.

I just had to share and show you what is going to become Curiosity Cottage in just a few short weeks!!  

As Michael and I prepare to make these rooms into Curiosity Cottage, I am reminded of my past moves with the military.  With each of those moves I would turn spaces, that often looked very much like this new space, into a home.  

That is our goal and vision for this chapter of our lives.  When you visit our little corner of the world, we want you to feel like you have come home.  You can let us know how we do when we reveal the finished product in a few weeks!!

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