Friday, January 11, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Hi everyone,

After days of rain here in Louisiana, it is so very nice to see the sunshine today!!

However, it means so much more to me on this January morning.  After enduring months of trials, but hanging on to my faith like a little one and her security blanket, God showed Michael and I rays of sunshine yesterday, even in the midst of the earthly rain.

I was in such awe for the things He was doing for us, it gave me goosebumps and made me cry tears of relief and joy.

Though I have to admit, while I have always maintained my faith and obedience in both good times and bad, the past few months had really worn me down.

So when His blessing began to pour out for us, I could not help but feel ashamed, how could my faith have not been stronger...meaning, why did I let worry and fear take even a second of my joy away.

That is the beauty of the trails He sends our way, they help us to become stronger in our faith, character, and in the case of us being two newly weds, it just makes our new marriage stronger.

One of the things I have told Michael through this all, I would have faced different types of trials no matter what, but having a Helpmate to walk through these things with me now, well it makes the sunshine all the time, not just on one day in January!

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