Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home Away From Home

Hi Everyone!

As we continue to get ready to take Curiosity Cottage into the Old Schoolhouse Antique Mall, lots of cleaning and sorting is taking place.  So it only seemed natural to start this new chapter of our business venture with an updated blog look too.

As I look at all of the amazing things that vendors have to offer at the mall, it makes getting all of our inventory together an exciting task, not just work. 

 What is so nice too is that the lady we will share our space with has the same type of style that is what makes up Curiosity Cottage.  This will allow us to enhance each others booth and give the room a really nice feel.

For now, we will continue the tasks at hand, knowing that in just a few short weeks a life long plan will be coming together.  Yes, this dream has been in the works for 23 years, but the lesson once again...when things happen in God's time, they ALWAYS turn out far better than we could have ever dreamed!

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