Monday, February 1, 2016

In the Beginning

Hi everyone!!

A lot has taken place since I last wrote - so much so it has been a bit overwhelming.  However, in order to share the complete story with you it is only fitting to start at the beginning.  It's sometimes hard for us creatives to stop and take a breath when we are on a roll and the hamster wheel inside of our head is going nonstop with new creative ideas, but in order to do my journey justice, I must stop - take a deep breath and start at the beginning.

I am very fortunate to be a part of a group of creatives from all walks of life, right here in the middle of Louisiana.  Last year the Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance (CLEDA) started a group called Maker Mornings.  The idea, let the creative beings in our corner of the world come together to form our own "tribe" so that by inspiring each other we can, as a result, thrive.  What the leaders in our community realized is that here in Central Louisiana we "make good stuff," whether that be through art, film, theater, industry, software design - the list goes on and on.

A few weeks ago we were given the challenge to make something for 100 days and to share not only our creations, but the process that we go through to make our marvelous things.  It isn't that we are making 100 items, though we are welcome to do so, it is that we are dedicating 100 days to the process and we are dedicating our time so that we may share this adventure with our community and the world.  Day 1 starts today!!

Before I ever envisioned Curiosity Cottage, I envisioned having a creative space in nature so that the woods and my surroundings could serve as my inspiration.  That dream of having a creative space began in 2005 with this small cottage.

For my "100 Days of Making" I want to write for 100 days and share with you my journey.  A dear friend once told me, "right people, right place, right time."  And for me and my little Curiosity Cottage, the time is now. :)

So sit back and get ready, because this journey has been one adventurous ride!!  The important thing to remember is that within each of us God has placed unique gifts and talents.  The beauty comes when we take the time to stop - take a deep breath - discover what those gifts are, and then show them to the world making sure to ALWAYS give HIM the glory!!

I'll see you tomorrow!!

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