Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Love What You Do

Hi everyone!

After a 4 day weekend I was soooo ready to get back to work.  I know that might sound strange to some, but it’s not just a job for me – it is truly an adventure!!  

I have been very blessed to have now been on this journey for 14 years.  Yes, I know my friends in industry make a lot more money than me.  Yes, I know that they say “those that can do – those that can’t teach,” but I look at this from a little bit different perspective.  

For me it isn’t just a paycheck, it’s a calling.  The way I see it, I get to come to a job I love, help young people find themselves and learn that technology can be used to accentuate any career.  I have the privilege of getting to show them how they can combine creativity with technology and make incredible things!!  I have colleagues that are like my family and they are like aunts & uncles to my kids.  

My boys literally learned to walk within the halls of Cavanaugh – and now, 14 years later my Samuel wants to sit down with Dr. Warren and talk about what it would take to become a cardiologist.  Going to college is just second nature for my kids and it is never something that they even questioned because they literally grew up here.

When I moved in my office I wanted it to be a place where the kids would feel like it was home.  I know that this was a bit different from the usual “standard office decor,” but most would agree I am pretty much not the "usual."  I wanted to create a space so that when my students walked into my office they would feel like they were at home.

Teaching at a Christian college gives me the freedom to tell my students about God winks, to show them through my life and by example how blessed I am.  My stories of my Curiosity Cottage lets me also show them by example how they can take a degree and live outside the box.  

What I always encourage them to do is take the time to find their gifts and talents that God has given them - yes, and put down the technology so that they can really grasp what it is for them - combine their talents with their degree, and do what they love, then God will provide for their needs.  It’s not about the money.  If you are using your life in a way that lets people see His light in you, then He will provide. 

I may live in a humble little abode with a writing cottage in the woods, but I am able to go home at the end of my day and enjoy life.  My kids and I decided years ago that they would rather have me at home when they got off the bus in the afternoon then for me to be bringing in big bucks.  They know if they need me, no matter how old they get, that mom will be there.  

So as I go back to the hustle and bustle of the semester I can't help but count my blessings - each and every one that walks through the door of my classroom.

Until tomorrow...

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