Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mardi Gras, Momma & Making Memories

Hi everyone!

It is the end of a very busy and eventful day.  My first grand baby is due on March 22nd and today we celebrated the occasion in true Louisiana style with a Baby Gras shower theme.

During times like this I miss my mom terrible because two of the things she loved the most were my Sarah Katharine & Mardi Gras.

So the fact that we used a Mardi Gras theme would have thrilled her to no end.  To honor her memory we even used her Mardi Gras masks as part of our decorations.

What is funny is that I missed out on this when I was pregnant with Sarah.  We lived in Geibelstadt, Germany at the time so family was no where in site.  That didn't stop them though - the families had a baby shower, videoed the entire event, including unwrapping the gifts to show us, then they boxed the gifts up and mailed them to Germany.

I would not have traded my time of living abroad for anything, but it is so nice to have Sarah & Jacob close to home. :)

Sarah is surrounded by the love of not only me, but of her stepmom & her mother-in-law too.  Where her Memaw left off when she left this earth so soon, she has been blessed double with her stepmom and mother-in-law.

So while it was a bitter sweet time with my mom not being here, we are now making new memories and bringing our families even closer together as we get ready to welcome this precious baby boy into the world.

I have no doubt that she is looking down on us tonight with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes saying, "Good Girl!"

This tired Meme will close for tonight.  See you tomorrow.

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