Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When You Wish Upon A Star

Hi everyone!
Tonight, as I went outside to write several things came to mind.  Sometimes it isn't that we find ourselves at the wrong place on life's journey - it's more a matter of changing our perspective. 

For example, at first I put my new Adirondack chairs facing my cottage, which was fine because I love how my little porch turned out, but when I turned them around to face the creek & woods - WOW!!! The majestic magnolias and delicate pines are just breath taking. 

As the patio lights start to twinkle, as I wait for the stars so we can dance, I notice all the pine cones beginning to dance with the trees in the crisp wind. Sometimes we are so busy waiting to wish upon a shooting star we miss other beautiful things that are often hidden from the night sky. 

For example, tonight as I sat on my little deck waiting for the stars to make their appearance, for the first time in my life I actually got to witness watching as the squirrels made their way to their nest before dark. There is a time at dusk when we no longer see the pine cones or squirrels, when we can listen to the wind serenade us as it moves through the trees, but when we have to look to the heavens and trust that the stars will appear. 

It's in these times, the times that seems to last forever, though really it is just a moment in the big scheme of things, that we have to trust. I wear a mustard seed pendent so that in times when I find the waiting tough I have something to hold on to. 

But if we hold on to the mustard seed, if we let ourselves relax and breath, if we savor every minute of both daylight & dark, both the good & bad times, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS - slowly but surely the stars will appear. One by one, minute by minute, they appear. We are NEVER too old to wish upon a star or two, to sing a song or two, and embrace the night - forever thanking God for this very moment in time.

In order to see these things, in order to appreciate these things, we have to stop from the whirlwind of life in which we often find ourselves. I have been told that I don't know how to pace myself...guilty as charged I am afraid. Queen of Multitasking, and one of those people who tends to do their best work under pressure. I also have a bad habit of working until I crash, though I have to say I am getting better at pacing myself and paying attention when my body screams at me, but WOW it is so hard to be a creative and stop sometimes. 

And I know if you are a creative you completely get this - the struggle is real!! My little cottage is helping me with this. Even my friends that helped me bring this to fruition all remarked at how peaceful my little corner of the world is - they got it too!!! 

They could see and feel my vision and I have to tell you, as a creative there is NO greater feeling on this earth then to have people GET the vision that you have held in your heart for years.

Yes it is a bit nippy out, but hey, that is why there are blankets. The night is too beautiful to miss a thing & who knows, maybe, just maybe I'll see a shooting star.

Until tomorrow...

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