Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Heart of Gold

Hi everyone!

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year since I last posted something here.  I have spent the last year writing and doing so many other creative things, and I think I was also waiting for just the right piece to come to me before I posted again.  

This post really has been a year in the making, but after all, good things come to those who wait. I think the post precious gift that I have been given this Valentines is that I now know what a heart of gold looks like.  

Don’t get ahead of yourself, no, I haven’t found my knight, and no, the man on the white horse has not shown up.  What has happened though is that I have been able to witness what someone with a heart of gold truly looks like.  It’s kind of funny actually.  

I have decorated with hearts for as long as I have been keeping house, and last year I added these precious gold ones to my home.  But it wasn’t until this morning as I drank my coffee that these beautiful pieces seemed to help my post fall into place. 

Over the past several weeks I have been putting together a surprise, or “happy” as my mom use to say.  A “happy” is something that you send to someone for no reason; something unexpected, just to make them smile.  Simultaneously the sermon series at church has been on speaking positive or life into our own lives and into the lives of other people.  

As different people have come to mind, I have mailed off “happy” gifts far and wide in the past couple of weeks, but the remains of one still laid on my desk.  And as I looked at the little map note-cards and the positive words that I knew my hurting friend needed to hear, what I also could see was a map that clearly pointed to a heart of gold.  It’s funny how those with the most pure hearts never see it for themselves. 

So I would encourage you this Valentine’s Day not to just focus on the candy or the flowers, but to look at the hearts of those around you, the hearts that are hurting; the hearts that bless you; and the hearts that do not realize that they are made of gold and tell them.  You never know, you may just be someone’s ray of sunshine on a cold and rainy Valentine’s Day. 

However, if you are the one that fits that description…if you are the one that needs positive reassurance, then by all means don’t be afraid to make you own little set of note-cards to adorn your own home with…I did!  After all, as a wise friend recently said, “Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader!” 

Happy Valentine’s Day dear ones!

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