Sunday, February 25, 2018

Be Bold

Hi everyone!
Since this is the month in which we most celebrate love, I find that I have so much to say and share. Writer's block is not something I have trouble with, but the key I think is to be selective with my words. This can apply to all of us as we interact with those we love - family, friends, significant other - and to ourselves as well.  I wrote the week of Valentines about speaking life into others, but I found that those thoughts started me thinking.

My love for maps, my love of adventure and curiosity about my life journey have brought me to a new place. The little note cards I printed to encourage my precious friend were also encouraging to me as well.  His heart of gold was allowing me to also identify my own worthiness.  The process of creating him a gift to brighten his day was at the same time allowing me to view life without the rose colored glasses. 

In the south, when people want to go after something with gusto, and sometimes in a reckless manner, you will often hear the saying, "Hold my beer!" My life journey has led me to a point where I find it is time to take things to a new level with my creativity and writing - it's a "hold my beer" kind of boldness or in my a case, a "Hold my diet root beer!" After all, if I am going to make bold life changes, then I want them to encompass all areas of my life - creatively, physically, and spiritually - how I write, how I create, and how I love others.  But before I can do that I must first take care of me.

"The truest joy in life is to Love and to be loved in return."

This quote is one of my favorites and it is so true, however before we can truly love others, we must first realize our own worth.  We must first see that we have a heart of gold and then we must not be afraid to spend some quiet time praying and asking God to give us a "hold my beer...hold my diet root beer" kind of boldness. The kind of boldness that will allow us to go out into the world and let the work that comes from our hearts illuminate HIS existence in our lives.

We live in a time where the world so desperately needs to see Him as opposed to cat videos on Facebook. We live in a time where people post pictures of sunshine on social media, while privately their lives are filled with storms they do not want anyone to see. I have the privilege and honor of teaching young adults, so my life is a living, breathing testimony everyday. 

In order for us to make bold new changes in our lives, we must first reach a place where we are comfortable with who and where we are. We have to realize that God gave us our light and if we are using it for HIS glory, then we must not let others dim it. We must realize our worth. We must  embrace our creativity and other gifts He has given us.

For me spending time away from TV and social media out in my little cottage, where I can enjoy the woods or on nights like this, the rain, has been such a blessing. Quieting my surroundings so I can hear God's whispers have allowed me to also settle into knowing that I am indeed worthy - worthy of happiness - worthy of love - worthy of financial security - worthy of success!

Sometimes we have to wait for the pieces to fall into place, but may we wait with "Hold my diet root beer" kind of boldness and while we wait, while we make changes, may we love with complete abandonment. May we allow our hearts to illuminate hope and peace and joy for all to see and enjoy.  

As I enjoy this rainy February evening by the fire in my little cottage - as I watch the glow of the candles in this precious place, may I never forget to heed my own advise - may I never allow others or life circumstances to dim my light. 

Hugs! Jen

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