Monday, September 23, 2019

Adding Color to My World

Hi everyone,

I have had so much fun in the Mood Board Challenge I just finished, I decided to step back a bit and make one for Curiosity Cottage. If I am going to see where I am going I think I need to reflect on where I have been, analyzing the colors and words that represent Curiosity Cottage. I am a work in progress, as are my different Mood Boards.

As creatives our minds can go in a million directions at once. Having both the creative & technical skills makes that more like a bazillion directions at once for me. It is a fun and exciting time for me as I plan out the steps I will take on this next journey in my life, but one that I am so ready for!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!


Editorial Note - the magnolia image is a stock image, only intended as part of an exercise for the Mood Board Challenge, all other images are mine or came from my own website. 

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