Friday, September 20, 2019

Change is Good

Hi everyone,

I am taking a course in which we create a "Mood Board" for our brand that will then be used on a website or blog. I am also teaching my students about "crowd sourcing" so I would like for you to vote.
Several weeks back I took a pole and two names tied, "The Jubilee Bee" and "Life at Curiosity Cottage" I have decided to combine the two. My new site will be  
The Jubilee Bee
my life at Curiosity Cottage

Many of you have followed my journey since I first created Curiosity Cottage, so I thought it would be fun to have you vote. Which Mood Board/color scheme do you like best? You may either comment on my post to vote, or head over to my Curiosity Cottage Facebook page!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

I look forward to sharing the results with your soon and letting you come along on this journey with me!! Thanks so very much for you input & for taking the time to help me create a lesson for my class.

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